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Paul Dahlgren
Former Director of Communications
New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority

Working with Laura felt like having a trusted advisor always within reach. Her proactive problem-solving, extensive expertise, and invaluable experience not only saved our organization thousands of dollars but also ensured our multi-day conference for nearly 500 attendees was executed flawlessly. Laura was also great at facilitating honest, realistic and thought-provoking discussions when it came to managing the changing nature of a large-scale event. I always appreciated that Laura didn't sugarcoat problems or come up with unrealistic solutions. Laura is a multi-talented professional who brings value, stability, and success to any process or project she is part of.

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Nicole Tami, PhD
Executive Director of Global Education Initiatives
University of New Mexico

I am sincerely grateful for Laura's expert contributions as our consultant during an international, hybrid conference attended by 1,300 college educators from 58 different home countries. What initially began as guidance for our event, evolved into a partnership that successfully navigated the challenges of a two-year extension, given the unforeseen impact of COVID-19.


Our organization greatly benefited from Laura's strategic vison. She not only ensured that decisions aligned with our overarching goals but shared invaluable best practices, procedures, local resources, and technology tools. When we lost our accountant just weeks before the big event, Laura seamlessly undertook the responsibility of rebuilding and managing our event budget, showcasing her versatility and steadfast commitment to the success of our conference.


Onsite, Laura helped troubleshoot issues and provided innovative solutions. Notably, the day before our opening ceremony, she skillfully delivered a flawlessly timed, scripted opening ceremony, turning a potential disaster into a conference highlight.


Her unwavering support throughout the project ensured our success in every aspect of the conference and helped maintain the sanity of my staff!


Yolanda Montoya-Cordova
New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions & NM Department of Health Office of School & Adolescent Health (Retired)

Laura's depth of knowledge, patience, and commitment to providing excellent consultation and assistance on major work projects focused on professional development, workshop planning and implementation, and strategic planning. In a world where exceptional customer service is becoming increasingly rare, Laura and her team, have always gone above and beyond to ensure that needs were not only met but exceeded.  She can easily find and adapt solutions to address complex concerns and challenges and turn out services, products, and activities that are engaging and relevant.​ Laura’s empathetic approach made me feel heard and valued as a customer. It was evident she genuinely cared about assuring satisfaction and quality when addressing my requests.


Helen Berman, PhD
Board of Governors Professor Emerita of
Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Rutgers University
Research Professor of Quantitative & Computational Biology.

University of Southern California

I had the privilege of working with Gargoyle Consulting on two projects —producing an international virtual event and providing strategic planning for a live event.  Laura showcased exceptional skills in handling each player and seamlessly steering the project to success. Her patience, combined with an ability to express herself clearly, created an environment where ideas flowed cohesively. Laura and her team effortlessly addressed all technical requests, ensuring a smooth execution. The quality advice I received was instrumental, and Laura demonstrated an impressive ability to communicate detailed information, making complex concepts easily understandable. Her role as the voice of reason throughout the process was invaluable, providing a steady and insightful perspective. I wholeheartedly recommend Laura for her expertise, clear communication, and adept management of complex projects.

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Pamela Chavez
Collaboration$ Consulting/NM State Spelling Bee Coordinator

One’s first impression of Laura is an easygoing confidence, a collaborative approach, expert instincts, and a friendly curiosity about a potential partnership. For over thirty years, Laura and I have worked together on a diverse variety of projects as both leader and supporting staff at conferences, special events, international projects, and small meetings, working with businesses and nonprofits, committees – throughout all formats, roles, and timelines, Laura is calmly unflappable, actively equitable, supremely organized and a heck of a lot of fun to work with!  The quality that has been most valuable to me is her expert and fluid time management –  she can stop on a dime, start at a moment’s notice, and adapt to the client’s schedule, all while driving the event timeline flawlessly: a perfect match for a small business owner like me.  I would recommend Laura and her team to people who want five-star quality service without the star ego!


Andrew Barford
Archlogix, LLC

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Gargoyle Consulting, whom I engaged to conduct a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of our new platform, Solo Hustle—an innovative backend office solution designed for freelancers. Their feedback has proven to be a game-changer, offering honest and insightful perspectives that are pivotal in propelling our development forward. What struck me the most was Laura’s impressive level of thoroughness—she didn't just point out areas for improvement but went a step further, offering clear and actionable solutions. Her expertise and ability to communicate in a clear and actionable manner have undoubtedly set us on a path to develop a superior product.  I highly recommend Gargoyle Consulting for its professionalism, expertise, and commitment to helping businesses like ours thrive.


David Morris
Communications & Public Affairs
Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority

Laura and her team were key to making our virtual Customer Conversations a success. With their technical expertise and behind-the-scenes support, we could seamlessly transition our annual town hall meetings online during the Covid-19 pandemic. Laura's involvement was a relief, allowing Water Authority personnel to focus on messaging and content while she skillfully managed the intricacies of the virtual platform. She enthusiastically brought fresh perspectives to our message delivery and project approach. You can count on Laura and her team to deliver—making your life a whole lot easier!


Tabatha Bennett
Chief Operations Officer
Apex Evaluation

Working with Laura Kesselman was truly transformative, laying a solid foundation for my professional journey.  Her meticulous attention to detail and methodical approach ensured success in tackling even the most complex challenges.  Her innate ability to understand the core of a problem, combined with her commitment and creativity, leads to innovative solutions. Laura doesn't just solve problems; she crafts solutions that stick. She dives deep, gets involved, and surprises with her out-of-the-box solutions. She's like the creative guru of problem-solving!

Being part of Laura's team wasn't just about work; it was about learning how to think differently and how to see opportunities where others saw roadblocks. With Laura at the helm of Gargoyle Consulting, I'm sure her expertise will deliver success, just like a watchful guardian making sure everything runs smoothly and looking out for any bumps in the road. Like a trusted friend, she's there to support and guide wherever it's needed.

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