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About Our Founder

Laura Kesselman, CMM, has embarked on a remarkable journey that transcends the confines of business—it's a narrative fueled by a profound desire to make a meaningful impact. Since 1992, she has been at the helm of Kesselman-Jones, steering the firm with unwavering dedication to projects that uplift lives.

Driven by Impact: Over the years, Laura, alongside her devoted team at Kesselman-Jones, has left an indelible mark on communities nationwide. Advocating for change and catalyzing progress in crucial areas affecting countless lives—from school health and teen suicide to economic development and water conservation—the firm has been a force for positive change.  Laura’s commitment to successful outcomes extends across a diverse spectrum of clients including government agencies, associations, and nonprofits such as the New Mexico Department of Health, the Drug Policy Alliance, the Mortgage Finance Authority, the University of New Mexico, the National Governors Association, the Global Implementation Society, the American School Health Association, and the Texas Health and Human Services Department.  

Laura further solidified Kesselman-Jones' commitment to modeling social responsibility and community engagement by instituting a corporate citizenship program. This initiative underscored the company's dedication to these values, encompassing contributions of staff time, active involvement in pro-bono projects, and philanthropic donations.

Business Leader:  Laura’s leadership has garnered widespread recognition, earning her the titles of “Top CEO” and "Women of Influence" by New Mexico Business Weekly. In 2022, she received the prestigious honor of being inducted into the New Mexico Hospitality Hall of Fame.

Community Leader: Beyond boardrooms and business ventures, Laura's dedication to her community is personal. By actively shaping the landscape of her city through roles on influential boards—such as Visit Albuquerque and the Hispano Chamber of Commerce—she demonstrates that community building is not a task but a calling. Her role as an honorary commander at Kirtland Airforce Base isn’t merely a title—it's a connection to the brave individuals who serve our country. 

Industry Leader: As a former president and long-term board member of the New Mexico Chapter of Meeting Professionals International (MPI-NM), Laura has consistently demonstrated a commitment to elevating her industry. Her 2015 achievement of the Certificate in Meeting Management (CMM) from Meeting Professionals International reflects her dedication to excellence in the field. A frequent presenter and contributor to numerous articles, she was also named 15 over 50 in 2022 by Connect Magazine, a leading industry publication.

Innovative Marketer: Laura embarked on her career in public relations in Los Angeles, contributing her skills to various agencies. Upon the inception of Kesselman-Jones, the company focused heavily on media relations and product launches.  Notably, Laura introduced the Albuquerque market to renowned brands such as Einstein Bagels, Boston Market, Century Theatres, and their inaugural Hyatt Hotel. Throughout her career, Laura has crafted compelling public health campaigns, championing causes such as raising awareness about the significance of folic acid, combating the spread of H1N1, and addressing the issue of DWI. Her expertise in public relations and marketing has earned her accolades, including the prestigious "Marketer of the Year" award from the New Mexico Advertising Federation for a campaign dedicated to destigmatizing youth mental health issues.

Academic Journey: Laura's academic pursuits took her to London and Munich while earning her BS degree in advertising from Syracuse University, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Additionally, she completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Intensive Entrepreneurship Training.

Beyond Business: When not immersed in professional pursuits, Laura's life takes on vibrant hues. Collecting passport stamps isn't just a hobby; it's a testament to her love for exploring diverse cultures. Enjoying the virtual realm of her Oculus isn't just a pastime; it's a glimpse into her tech-savvy and imaginative side. Cooking with her sons isn't just a routine; it's a shared experience that brings warmth to her home. Yelling answers at the TV during Jeopardy isn't just entertainment; it's a reflection of her commitment to lifelong learning. And, snorkeling with the fishies isn't just an activity; it's a reminder of hidden beauty that lies just beneath the surface.

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