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Business Consulting

  1. Strategic Advisory Services:

    • Provide strategic advice to help organizations in navigating and advancing their key initiatives.

    • Offer insights on processes and communications for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

  1. Strategic Resource Bridging

    • Bridge the gap for organizations facing internal bandwidth constraints.

    • Bring a fresh perspective on various aspects, from processes to communications.

  2. Project Consulting and Implementation

    • Ensure that well-devised strategies are effectively executed resulting in tangible and measurable outcomes.

  3. Tool Evaluation and Optimization:

    • Assess and optimize tools from an end user's perspective.

    • Ensure organizations use the most suitable and efficient tools for their specific needs.

  4. Communication Strategy Enhancement:

    • Craft and optimize communication strategies for impactful messaging.

    • Enhance organizational communication channels for greater effectiveness.

Process Consulting

  1. Process Analysis:
    Conduct a thorough examination of existing business processes to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

  2. Customized Efficiency Solutions:
    Provide tailored recommendations and implementation strategies aligned with organizational goals.

  3. Change Management and Technology Integration:
    Offer guidance and support during the implementation of process changes.
    Assess and integrate new technologies to enhance operational efficiency.

  4. Training for Optimal Performance:
    Design and deliver training programs to equip employees with the skills needed for optimized processes.
    Implement continuous learning initiatives to support ongoing process improvement.

Event Management Consulting

  1. Comprehensive Event Strategy Review:
    Conduct an in-depth analysis of current event management strategies.
    Provide tailored recommendations for optimization and efficiency enhancement.

  2. Strategic Consulting for New and Unplanned Events:
    Develop holistic strategies for new or undefined events.
    Offer detailed guidance covering planning, execution, and post-event analysis with established KPI’s.

  3. Customized Event Process Assessment:
    Evaluate and refine existing event processes.
    Provide tailored recommendations to streamline planning and execution workflows.

  4. Specialized Event Solutions:
    Offer customized consulting services based on specific event management needs.
    Budget development/review
    Contract review
    Site selection

Event Planner Insight Advisory

  • In-depth advice and insights provided to hotels and Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) from the perspective of event planners in areas such as web presences, marketing materials, site visits, and incentive programs.

  • Training program for staff on working with event professionals.

Training, Facilitation, Speaking

  1. Customized Training Programs:
    Develop and deliver tailored training programs or workshops.
    Empower teams with the skills and knowledge needed for successful project implementation.

  2. Meeting/Retreat Facilitation:
    Facilitate strategic planning or team-building retreats for organizations.

  3. Business and Meetings Industry Presentations

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