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Presentations with a Punch 

With over three decades of hands-on experience in both business leadership and the event industry, Laura brings a wealth of knowledge to the stage. Elevate your events with engaging and interactive presentations tailored to captivate your audience. 

Explore some of the presentations Laura has previously presented below, or if you have a specific topic in mind, just ask – we're open to creating a custom presentation just for you!

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Take CTRL: Microsoft & Other Tips to Squeeze the Most Out of Your Workday

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Unleash the power of productivity in a time-crunched world! Dive into a rapid-fire workshop, focusing on essential Outlook, Word, and Excel hacks. Bid farewell to inbox chaos and lengthy report creation. No generic advice here – just actionable tips to streamline your workflow, ensuring you accomplish more in less time. Elevate your efficiency and conquer your workload with practical insights, leaving mundane tasks behind and embracing a more productive professional life.


Copyright or Copywrong?

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Internet trolls are out there… lurking in every corner of the World Wide Web, waiting to pounce with an email that you have used an image illegally – threatening fines or legal action. Do you know to stop them in their tracks? This presentation provides practical information about copyright, plagiarism, public domain and busting some of the myths swirling around about legal rights and responsibilities in this digital age.

Marketing 101

Hook, Line, and Sinker: How Fishing Fundamentals Can Help You Become a Master Marketer


Do you sometimes feel like a fish out of water when it comes to marketing? A successful fisherman knows the secret to their success is the right bait, a solid pole, a decent hook, and being in a stocked pond! The same could be said for successful marketing. Learn the questions to ask to create an effective and strategic marketing plan.

Meetings Industry

TAKE 5! Exploring Industry Trends, Tips & Hot Topics

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Embrace a dynamic approach to presentations, moving beyond traditional lectures to foster learning through interaction and peer-to-peer sharing. Explore a variety of industry trends, tips, and hot topics chosen by participants through crowdsourcing. Dive into topics such as food trends, meetings technology, online reviews, and productivity tips. Engage with video clips, articles, and blogs, sparking discussions, debates, and brainstorming sessions. Take this opportunity to gather fresh insights and ideas for your workplace, transforming the way you absorb and apply industry knowledge.


Beyond the Lectern: A Behind-the-Scenes Guide to Crafting Presentations that Work

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With no formal training for most professionals in presentation design, your success in delivering compelling content is crucial. Move beyond the typical public speaking workshop and delve into the pre-presentation essentials. Discover alternative formats, audience engagement strategies, and adult learning principles. Explore effective use of visuals, technology, and PowerPoint. Learn the art of crafting compelling session descriptions, writing objectives, and creating attention-grabbing titles. Elevate your conference presenter role and ensure your message resonates, setting you apart in your career journey.

Meetings Industry

Creating Inclusive Events:  Addressing Accessibility to Ensure Equal Opportunities for EVERY attendee

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Imagine checking into a hotel room, but you are not able to hang up your clothes, see yourself in the bathroom mirror or make a cup of coffee? What about attending a conference and not being able to navigate the conference web site or maneuver through the ballroom to find a seat for lunch? This is the reality many face. In 2017, it has been reported that over 40 million people, 12.7% of the population, live with a disability in America. Approximately 21 percent of them are active members of the workforce, attending offsite meetings and conventions. Are you doing everything you can and should (legally) to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from your event? Hoteliers, do you know what is legally required to meet the American Disabilities Act? How are you communicating what special accommodations you provide to individuals with a disability? Is your front and back of house staff trained to assist those with disabilities? Planners, do you have an accessibility policy? Do you know what to look for during a site visit? Do you know the questions to ask your guests who require special accommodations? Is your website accessible? Do you know about technology that can be used to help make your meetings more accessible? Together, hoteliers and planners can deliver an experience that welcomes and supports guests with disabilities.

Meetings Industry

Are You Experiencing Love at First “Site?”: Igniting Sparks with Impactful Site Visits 

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Maximize the impact of your site visits as we dive into this essential aspect of event planning for both planners and hoteliers. Discover how to showcase your facility, close deals, and build relationships as a hotelier. For planners, learn to visualize events, assess sites, and gather logistical insights. Explore key questions, sample checklists, and tech tools for effective site visits. Gain an insider's view of what planners seek and creative ideas to make your property stand out.

Meetings Industry

What the Tech? Demystifying AI for Event Professionals

an illustration of woman looking up with different types of technology hovering around hea

AI has evolved into a pivotal tool for event planners. How are you unlocking its potential? Explore the transformative impact of AI-driven insights, enhancing attendee experiences, streamlining logistics, developing messaging, and optimizing event outcomes. Immerse yourself in the dynamic shifts AI introduces to the meetings industry landscape. Discover innovative strategies to harness the full benefits of artificial intelligence, ensuring a more efficient and impactful event planning experience. (And yes, AI was used to create this description and workshop image.)

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